Top 5 Best Road Bikes of 2019 for Every Budget

The 2019 cycling season is in full swing and the pros are showing off the latest and greatest in road bike design. Like many budding cyclists, you might be inspired to replace your old bike with a newer model.

The search for the perfect road bike can seem as rocky as your favorite route. But it doesn’t have to be.

From budget, entry-level cycles to the priciest yet most mind-blowing road bikes on the market, we scoured the web for the top 5 road bikes of 2019 for every price point and compiled them here for your convenience.

Ready to discover your dream road bike? Let’s get started with our budget pick, the Giant Contend 3.

1. The Giant Contend 3 Road Bike

Giant Content 3 Road Bike
Giant Content 3 Road Bike

When it comes to bang for your buck, Giant’s range of cycles is both high value and high quality. That’s one reason why the Contend 3 is our pick for the best endurance road bike under $1000. And at only $650, it’s arguably the best carbon road bike for the money, period.

With its sturdy aluminum frame and wide gear range for cyclists who prefer a steeper ride, the Contend 3 is as good for road riding as it is for hitting the trail. We think this road bike is the perfect choice for new cyclists or cyclists on a budget.

The only downside to the Contend 3 is its weight and the fact that the fork is made of aluminum. Coming in at 22.7 pounds, this entry-level bike sacrifices a bit of efficiency for its lower price point. The aluminum fork contributes to this bike’s higher weight class so some cyclists may prefer to upgrade to a carbon fork for an extra $100.

Still, the performance, price, and smooth ride you’ll get with the Contend 3 more than makes up for its few downfalls.

2. The Cannondale CAAD12 105 Road Bike

Cannondale CAAD12 105 Road Bike
Cannondale CAAD12 105 Road Bike

While searching for the best endurance road bike under $1500, we fell in love with the Cannondale CAAD12 105. At $1575, this bike is slightly over budget, but we think it’s totally worth it.

The CAAD12 105 is especially great for cyclists who love bike sprints. Weighing in at only 18.1 pounds and featuring a size 56 frame, this aluminum road beast offers the handling experience of a much pricier bike.

But some cyclists may be turned off by the Mavic Yksion WTS tires, which can have a low threshold for gripping asphalt on curves. You may want to invest in a better set of tires for your CAAD12 105. If not, most seasoned cyclists will find that a little extra skill will go a long way in offsetting the low-grip tires.

Overall, the top racing performance, sleek aesthetic, and value of Cannondale’s CAAD12 105 is more than any road cyclists could ever want.

3. The Trek Domane SL 5 Road Bike

Trek Domain SL 5 Road Bike
Trek Domain SL 5 Road Bike

Making its first appearance on our list is a carbon bike called the Domane SL 5. This Trek endurance road bike is definitely one of the best road bikes under $2000 you’ll find on the market. While it normally retails closer to $2200, you can usually grab the Domane SL 5 on sale for $200 off.

The SL 5 is the cheapest model in Trek’s Domane line but it doesn’t slack on speed, capabilities, and comfort for longer cycling sessions. This bike comes with a passive IsoSpeed system, which works to dampen vibrations and reduce the impact of bumps. The system also helps the SL 5’s Bontrager rubber tires to grip more consistently, making 25mm feel more like 28.

While this bike is an excellent value, it isn’t the lightest carbon bike around, coming in at 18.7 pounds. It’s heavier because the SL 5 is made of less expensive 500 Series carbon fiber. For a pricier but lighter bike, you can also pick up the Domane SL 5 Disc for $2700.

Regardless of its weight, Trek’s Domane SL 5 is perfect for aggressive cyclists who are looking to save energy on the bumps so they can kill it on the inclines.

4. The Specialized Roubaix Elite Road Bike

Specialized Roubaix Elite Road Bike
Specialized Roubaix Elite Road Bike

If you’ve been searching for the best road bike under $3000, look no further than the Roubaix Elite, Specialized’s full-carbon compact road bike that’s been a favorite among cyclists for almost 10 years. And it’s no wonder when this $2800 FACT carbon cycle was built to offer the same level of response in every frame size.

Like most of Specialized’s carbon bikes, the Roubaix Elite is the best bike you’ll ever ride on rough roads. This is due to its 10r construction, Future Shock design, and stiff wheelset, which offer a lightweight yet strong cycling session. If you prefer the bumpy route, this bike is definitely for you.

The soft seat and stiff stand of the Roubaix Elite may not be ideal for all cyclists, but these features actually provide a more professional race bike experience. We still wouldn’t blame you, though, if you wanted to switch out the saddle for something sturdier.

In sum, you need to check out the Roubaix Elite from Specialized if you want a full carbon road bike that can handle all the potholes you hit during your commute or your workout.

5. The Argonaut Road Disc

Argonaut Road Disc Road Bike
Argonaut Road Disc Road Bike

So you have no limit on budget and want the absolute best road bike the world has to offer. May we present the Road Disc, a fully customizable bike from Argonaut that boasts one of the best-tuned and feeling rides out there. This bike will cost you an alarming $15,300, but here’s why we think the price tag is worth it for those who can afford it.

The absolute lightest road bike on our list, the Road Disc is a minuscule 15.3 pounds. Even though you can lift it with a few fingers, this bike does an astonishing job of dampening even large road bumps while also offering an exhilarating speed. Breathtakingly reactive, completely customizable, and as close to perfect as a road bike can get, you’ll be hard tasked to find something better.

The Road Disc’s only downfall? We’d be lying if we didn’t think the Road Disc’s price tag is a major turn off. But with no other faults to speak of, Argonaut’s premier carbon speedster can definitely be worth every penny for some serious cycling enthusiasts.