Ride Marshall Application

  • The Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo is calling for volunteers to serve as Ride Marshalls for the event.  As a Ride Marshall, you will represent yourself as a cyclist, your community and the Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo. Preparation, a cool head and a lot of compassion are the tools of a good Ride Marshall Ride Marshalls act as Safety Ambassadors by sharing cycling advice and encouraging safe cycling behaviors. An overview of the general duties and expectations of a Ride Marshall for the Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo is provided below.  
    • Compassion.  First and foremost, be willing to give up your ride, if need be, to assist others
    • Be calm in a crisis situation, others will be depending on you
    • First Responder.  Although, there will be trained medical staff for the event, you may very well be the first responder at an accident.  Know how to secure the scene until trained personnel arrive. You are not to provide medical assistance unless you are trained to do so.
    • Take Charge.  You should be assertive, able to take charge of a situation.
    • Handling Disruptive participants.  You should have an even temperament and the ability to avoid direct conflict and physical confrontation.  Your responsibility is to report the rider to the appropriate event personnel.
    • Recognition.  Know how to recognize common physical ailments.  Depending on the weather, know the signs of heat exhaustion/heat stroke.  Be able to recognize when someone is just “not right”, as with diabetics. You should report that to the proper event personnel.
    • Change a flat.  Must know how to change a flat.  Although it is not your absolute responsibility, you should know enough to direct cyclists.
    • Event Information. All Ride Marshalls should be familiar with routes, rest stop locations and event guidelines and should be prepared to answer general questions.
    Ride Marshalls are encouraged to talk to the general public, store owners, and bystanders along the route and thank cyclists for participating in the event. There will be hands on training sessions provided to all qualified Ride Marshalls prior to the event. As you can see, being a Ride Marshall requires some experience with riding in and managing a group.  Ride Marshalls play an important part in making the event a success. Benefits include:
    • Entry into the ESGF for a $25 fee
    • Ride Marshall Jersey for 2019
    • Training classes for rider safety and basic maintenance

    Interested? Fill out the form below!

    Final Submission Deadline: August 9, 2019

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