Best Tech Gear for Cycling 2019

With smart bikes predicted as the cycling trend of the future, it’s no wonder there are so many cool tech products being introduced to mainstream cyclists this year.

Bike Shows around the world are wheeling out some of the coolest bike gear and tech we’ve ever seen. And it’s so cool, we couldn’t help but want to share some of our favorites here with you.

From a helmet that flashes turning signals to a compact CO2 inflator, you need to check out this list of 5 awesome cycling products that are new in 2019.

The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet

Lumos Smart Bike Helmet
Lumos Smart Bike Helmet

The new Lumos cycling helmet is front and rear brake lights, turn signals, and a helmet all wrapped up into one. How could that be possible? Because this helmet is the world’s first smart cycling helmet that wirelessly integrates with the lights on your bike.

If you’re worried about a big, clunky fit, don’t be. The Lumos cycling helmet has comfortable foam on the insight that decreases the pressure of the helmet. An adjustable chinstrap further secures your helmet for a worry-free ride.

The helmet’s lights are white LEDs on the front and red LEDs on the back, plus orange LEDs used for the turning signal. These lights are seriously bright, too, making the helmet as safe as it is flashy.

The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet doesn’t just integrate with your bike lights; it also connects with your smart accessories. From notifications when you change the helmet’s settings to checking your helmet’s battery level, you can do it all from your smartphone.

Other features include a rechargeable battery and waterproof coating so your helmet will operate in any weather. The Lumos helmet comes with its own smartphone app and is compatible with Apple Health and Strava.

The OnTracks Guide Watches

OnTracks Guide Watches
OnTracks Guide Watches

If you’ve been searching for the perfect cycling smartwatch, you’ve got to check out OnTracks Guide Watches. Yes, that’s watches plural because OnTracks offers twice the smart with a watch for each wrist. These watches are especially helpful for navigation during your ride.

With two different modes, sport and classic, you can change the look of your guide watches to suit your mood. They come in sporty colors like steel, neon orange, and indigo. And with 3 different price points, cyclists can choose the watch that fits their budget.

GPS-enabled, these watches vibrate to prompt you to make a left or right turn. An icon shows you the type of turn you need to make, whether a U-turn or something else. Here’s how it works:

You choose a route from among thousands of pre-programmed tracks in their onTracks community. Once you connect your watches to the route, you’re ready to start tracking your progress.

OnTracks’ guide watches also include more traditional smartwatch features like heart rate monitors and a 3-axis accelerometer. Going out for a run instead of a bike ride? No worries because your guide watches are equipped for all your favorite endurance sports.

The CEC Textile Spoke SLD Tires

Textile Spoke SLD Range Tires By CEC
Textile Spoke SLD Range Tires By CEC

Carbone Endurance Component (CEC) is a Hong Kong-based company known for its innovative cycling tech, but the CEC Textile Spoke SLD wheelset is perhaps their most innovative product yet.

Premiering at the 2019 Taipei Bike Show, CEC’s newest SLD tires are for those who want to reduce their wheel weight and dampen shock all at the same time. Instead of steel spokes, these are made of Ultra-High Molecular weight Polyethylene that weighs in at only 37 ounces.

These spokes aren’t just lightweight. They’re also made of the world’s most durable and strongest fiber. Ultra-High Molecular weight Polyethylene is UV stable and friction-resistant.

Cyclists participating in CEC field tests claim these wheels offer more comfort and better acceleration capabilities, especially on bumpier routes. If you’re a mountain or gravel biker, the decreased brittleness of these tires as compared to carbon spokes improves the comfort of your ride. And endurance road cyclists will experience a faster ride with nearly weightless spokes.

You’ll have to wait to get your hands on these tires, though, because CEC has yet to do an official release for the public.

The Topeak Airbooster G2

Airbooster G2 CO2 Inflator
Airbooster G2 CO2 Inflator

The only one of its kind, Topeak’s Airbooster G2 is a CO2 inflator with a tire gauge for inflation and pressure measurement.

The Airbooster fits Presta and Shrader bike valves and also features an adjustment lever to alter the airflow during inflation. The gauge reads up to 160 psi and allows for storage of up to 0.8-ounce cartridge of CO2.

Made of engineering grade certified plastic, the G2 is compact and convenient. The head is angled to easily connect with your bike’s valve. The cartridge can also be used to check your tire pressure if you aren’t using it to refill your tire. And at only 1.59 ounces, this tire inflator definitely won’t weigh you down.

To work the device, just push to inflate. It’s that easy.

While the CO2 cartridges are sold separately, you can buy them from Topeak. Since Topeak’s cartridges are made to fit your Airbooster G2, you won’t ever have to worry about ordering the wrong size for your device.

The Castelli Gabba 3 Limited Edition Jersey

Castelli Gabba 3 Limited Edition Jersey
Castelli Gabba 3 Limited Edition Jersey

If your clothing is flapping in the wind, it’s slowing you down. That’s why Castelli’s Gabba jersey has become a go-to for cyclists who want to improve aerodynamics during their ride. And their 2019 Limited Edition in pink is more stylish than ever before.

The 2019 limited edition jersey features all your favorite aspects of the traditional Gabba jersey. Made of Gore Windstopper X-Lite Plus fabric. It offers wind protection and water-resistance for all kinds of cycling weather. And the Nano Flex underarm fabric offers sweat-wicking comfort for long-distance rides.

On the jersey’s back, the reflective logo offers a stylish safety feature. The silicone waist gripper and 3 rear pockets with holes for water drainage are further created for comfort and convenience during your workout.

This jersey has been a favorite amongst pro cyclists since 2013 and other companies have tried to copy the Gabba’s incredible rain-resistant jersey. But no other jersey seems to compare. Especially now that the third edition has an improved drop tail structuring and better pockets.

If you’re looking for a jersey that’s just as comfortable as it is stylish, Castelli’s Gabba 3 Limited Edition pink jersey is the cycling vest for you.