10 Best Websites for Cycling News & Updates

The Tour de France is coming up and you can’t wait to keep up with all the juicy race news. But you’re busy and trying to find a time to watch 21 days worth of racing sounds pretty exhausting.

Stifle those yawns, cycling enthusiasts, because we’ve put together the ultimate guide to the top 10 websites for cycling news and updates. Keep reading to find out where in the world wide web you can go for all the latest on your favorite races and riders.

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1. Cycling News

If you’re looking for road, MTB, track, cyclo-cross, and women’s cycling updates, the aptly named CyclingNews is the place to go. Keep up with your favorite teams or take advantage of the site’s incredibly thorough compendium of racing news and updates. There’s even a tab for cycling tech news so you can stay current with all the newest releases.

Find updates from all your favorite pro cycling competitions including Prudential RideLondon and, of course, the Tour de France. There’s even a calendar featuring all the cycling races taking place throughout the world and a cycling news forum where fans and pros alike talk about the latest and greatest in cycling news.

2. Cycling Weekly

Not just a website but a prominent magazine, too, Cycling Weekly has been around in one form or another since 1891. Today, the magazine and its associated website, cyclingweekly.com, are among the top British cycling news sources. And for a country that’s been obsessed with biking since the cycle was invented, that’s a pretty impressive fete.

On Cycling Weekly, you can find the usual news, events calendar, and race updates. But you can also browse cycling product reviews, deals, and even search for second-hand bikes for sale. Another awesome feature is their Health and Fitness articles that give advice on nutrition, training, and weight loss plans.

3. Bike Radar

While Bike Radar may be most well known for its cycling gear and bike reviews, its news articles aren’t far behind. Check out women’s, road, and MTB cycling updates or head over to their cycling news forum to discuss with fellow enthusiasts. In addition to more general updates on races taking place across the globe, Bike Radar also features market analyses, research, and polls for the cyclist who’s also a scientist at heart.

The true attraction at Bike Radar, though, is their in-depth reviews. From bike helmets to cycle maintenance products, you’ll be hard-pressed to search for a cycling product review they don’t have. As a bonus, head to their Features articles to find their ever-popular Bike of the Year reviews and Daily Deals on cycling gear and tech.

4. Road.cc

No list would be complete without the cyclist-centric cycling website, Road.cc. From a fantasy cycling league to members-only news, discounts, and offers, this website was made for the social cyclist. If you don’t want to become a member, no worries because you can also access non-member news like pro cyclist interviews and cycling product releases.

Road.cc’s starred product reviews and active chat forum for cyclists are super helpful when shopping for new gear or tech. And don’t forget to check out their list of cycling events for the latest and greatest in local and worldwide races and gatherings.

5. Cycling Plus

Cycling Plus is the #1 road cycling magazine in the UK, circulating 13 different issues every year. Lucky for you, you don’t need a subscription to read their award-winning articles. News, product reviews, giveaways, and more are all accessible without a subscription at CyclingPlus.com.

On Cycling Plus’ website, you can discover new events like the Wiggle New Forest Sportive. Ponder hot topics like whether the Giro d’Italia has surpassed the Tour de France as the premier cycling event in the world. And if you’re searching for the ultimate race guide for your favorite tour, Cycling Plus offers official race guides for a reasonable price.

6. Cyclist Magazine

Yet another British cycling news source, Cyclist Magazine’s associated website is for you, road cyclists. At Cyclist.co.uk, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of reviews, news, and tutorials. While the writers don’t usually perform group tests for similar bikes and gear, they do provide starred ratings to help you compare cycling products.

What cyclists will really find attractive about this website are the in-depth articles taken straight from the print magazine. Penned by prominent cycling journalists and featuring beautiful race locales, Cyclist’s in-depth looks at the cycling world will make you want to grab your bike and hop on a plane for the latest Fondo or sportive.

7. Cyclocross Magazine

As its name suggests, Cyclocross Magazine’s associated website is for the off-road cyclists of North America. The majority of its cycling news and race reports are targeted toward readers and cyclists in the US, but their EuroFile blog offers a look at race results and updates from across the pond and beyond. If you’re searching for press releases from your favorite cycling brands, Cyclocross has you covered.

Like Road.cc, Cyclocross offers a fun cycling fantasy league in addition to reader contests and giveaways. Bike tech, training for cyclists, and cycle reviews are all featured on the site. But make sure to visit their articles in The Racer’s view, where pro and amateur cyclists alike are put in the spotlight.

8. Peloton Magazine

Peloton may be one of the top names in modern-day cycling training equipment and software, but it’s their cycling magazine and associated website that are truly groundbreaking. Peloton magazine is the fastest growing cycling title in the US and the Peloton website isn’t far behind.

You can read the magazine’s featured stories all online and for free plus Peloton X, which offers beautiful reports on different races across the country. But with their own TV channel and a shop for Peloton branded cycling gear, this website is much more than a news source.

9. VeloNews

VeloNews is yet another magazine-turned-website published for cyclists in the US and beyond. Perhaps most well known for their high-resolution photography, VeloNews has become the first-line source for all the cycling races you can’t attend. The VeloNews podcast is also a popular attraction for educational listening during a long ride.

Browse their top journalistic-style stories or check out their latest news, which updates every hour. Additionally, you can find tips and tricks for DIY maintenance of your bike, refreshingly objective reviews of the latest gear, and a whole section of articles completely devoted to helping you train for your next race.

10. CyclingTips

The only news source on our list that’s based out of the land down under, CyclingTips is an Australian-based website focused on road cycling. For the cyclo-crossers and the mountain bikers, you can sometimes find articles about your preferred cycling style. The best part about CyclingTips, though, is its Adventure articles, which thoughtfully highlight the differences in the sport of cycling among different countries around the world.

From the CyclingTips podcast to their incredible tech, news, and racing updates, this website was built with the cycling enthusiast in mind. And if you love their site, you can join their VeloClub, where fans are encouraged to contribute opinions and ideas for making the site a better place.