2020 Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo Update

Each year our top priority is the safety of our participants, vendors, volunteers and staff. We have been closely monitoring the situation regarding covid-19 and after much consideration, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo due to take place on September 12.

Thank you for your continued support of the Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo, we hope you and your family are safe and remain in good health.


2020 Event Cancelled

Southfork Ranch
Parker, TX

The Premier Fondo of the Southwest

In Support of Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities

The Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo is the premier gran fondo of the southwest – offering 5 courses to engage cycling pros, weekend warriors and families looking to have fun.

The Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo is a charity bike ride that supports Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities, enabling us to provide youth in Texas with educational opportunities, prepare them for school and keep them healthy and active! This year, we are pleased to partner with leading organizations in our community to provide mentorships opportunities, school readiness and meals to combat hunger.


Did you know that 1 in 5 children in North Texas lives in poverty? Have inadequate food and nutrition? Live without healthcare? And That Nearly 30,000 third graders are reading below grade level, a powerful indicator of high school graduation.

Almost thirty percent of children in our community living in poverty? I asked myself, “What can you do about it?” NOW, friends, I’m asking you, too. I was blessed to have people who cared about me and believed in me to help me achieve my potential – will you be that person for kids who need to be lifted up? I’m dedicated to using my platform and my time to help our youngest neighbors – here in North Dallas. And, I need everyone to step up and join TEAM 22 – the official fundraising program of the Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo.

I firmly believe that to whom much is given, much is required and humbly try to live by that mantra. I am personally motivated to help kids who don’t have access to the things we take for granted. Think about it – they can maybe see the skyscrapers in downtown Dallas, but to them, that might as well be a world away. Will you join me in lifting these kids? Will you join me in showing them how much their TEXAS neighbors and friends from across the U.S. care?

This year, the Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo TEAM 22 fundraising program is getting a reboot! Our partners at OneShare Health are underwriting your registration, so now any ride is just $22 and in return, we are asking that you raise $150 for kids in our community. We’ve selected three partners to support – with three amazing programs that we know are changing kids’ lives: Minnie’s Food Pantry, RockTeen Youth Foundation and the Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities Back to School program. And when you raise money, you are supporting our future and you get great swag from us!


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